Information about Private Caravan Rentals

How it works

How It Works

Private Caravan Rentals throughout the UK. Rent privately on all UK caravan sites with ease and book online with safety.

 Book and host with safety - we pre-authorise all booking requests and hold host payouts till the host has provided the stay, this ensures complete safety for both parties.

Owners pay no commission and no yearly sign up fee. We are busy developing our booking calendar and will be available to set your own splits and pricing for Summer 2021

Here is how the everything works from listing your caravan to taking a booking. And if you're a guest wanting to know please scroll down to the guest section to give you a complete walk through and guide on how to do so. 


 If you would like to start renting our private caravan out it is completely free to advertise all you have to do is click the advertise your caravan link and follow the instructions to make your account and post your listing. 

Once you click advertise your caravan it will be bring you to the below image where you have the option to log in if your already a member, sign up with facebook which is very quick and effective or can click the create account tab and begin the set up. 

Once you have signed up it will bring you to the page below where you will begin to create the advertisement/listing for your caravan. You must select your correct region and then once selected select the caravan parks/location of your property. 

 First select the your region then it will open up to the below image to show all the caravan parks in the region if your is not listed please contact us immediately and we will add it for you. 

Once the details of you vans region, location and park has been selected you will move on to setting up your listings profile.

Here is where you enter all the unique details about your property: 

Listing Title, Price Per Night, Description, Additional Security Deposit, Max Number of Guests, Rental Type, address and check all the relevant boxes relating to your listing to enable it to be found better on the marketplace.

Once you have filled all this information in you are almost finished but now on to the most important part now you must upload photos of your property, we advise to upload as many photos as possible, our research has found the more photos the more likely a guest is to book so don't be shy.

Once you have uploaded your photos and re-arranged them into the order you would like them to be view. Always have main photo first (top left corner and the work right to left down is how they will show on your listing). 

After this you are ready to post and have your property viewed by thousands of potential guests all completely free of charge. You will then be taken to your live listing to view and can alway make edits and changes through this page by selecting edit listing and through the admin panel anytime.

From this page is where you can edit and manage your property with ease and use some of most essential tools to manage your listing this is also where you access the booking calendar or listing availability. Select this and this will bring you to the below image where you can block out dates you that have been booked up already or that you would like to keep for yourself. 

Here on the calendar you just select the dates you wish to block and they will turn a dark grey colour once all the dates you would like to block out have been selected click save and close out these dates are blocked out. In the example above you can see the 8th September 2020 are selected all the way till the 15th September now all you would have to do is click on save and close and all the dates in highlighted would now be blocked out and unavailable to book. 

How do bookings work you ask? It's simple guest request to book your caravan and you will receive an email with the dates request and the payout that you will receive, all you then have to do is check your calendar to make sure there is no double booking and then accept, as the guests payment has already been pre-authorised and that's it done. All you then have to do is have your account set up receive the payment, this can be done in the payment section of your own personal admin panel. Select your icon then select settings.

After you select settings it will bring you to the below page and you just select the payments tab and fill out all your payout information.

Please make sure all the information is correct and accurate we are only responsible to paying out to the information you provided and is stated in our T&Cs.

And that is it you are ready to have your private caravan rented out, simple enough right?

When I accept a booking how long till I receive the payment?

If you accept the booking request within the 3 day time-frame, the payment will go through. You will receive the money directly to your bank account after you have delivered the stay to the guests on their booked dates. 

If you reject the request or don't accept it within this timeframe, the transaction will be automatically canceled, the guest will not be charged and you will not get paid.


Here is how the everything works from finding the right location, the perfect caravan and ideal dates. Our guests have the opportunity to book private caravans from caravans across the UK.  We cover anything from Haven, Parkdean, Butlins, single holiday home, farms and anything in between. We will have the perfect private caravan rental for you. 

The first thing you must do if your serious about booking a private caravan rental is to create an account. Which is so simple to do just select the sign up tab in the top right corner to get started. 

 Once you click sign up it will be bring you to the below image where you have the option to log in if your already a member, sign up with facebook which is very quick and effective or can click the create account tab and begin the set up. 

After this you are ready to go and check out hundreds of amazing private caravan rentals. You can go to the home page and search an a multiple of ways. You can use our search and location bar if you already know where you want to stay or you can select from our categories and browse all the parks in the area. Here North East England was selected and then drop down of all the available parks appears below for your selection.

If you know what you want but are not to bothered about the location just yet you can use our filters and check box search on the side of the main page to find the perfect vacation rental/property for you. 

Once you have found the perfect property such as the one below you can look into what dates you would like and then request a booking of the property with the owner. You must be sure you want to book these dates as we pre-authorise this with your payment provided. The owner of the property will then receive an email and notification immediately notifying them that you would like to book the property immediately for your selected dates.

Once this has been accepted your will receive an email with the booking confirmation and will be now open to all the contact information the owner to arrange all the check in details and information for you stay. 

Simple and efficient right? We have tried out best and would appreciate any feedback and any way we can make this process more streamline and simpler for our guests and owner.