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Private Caravan Rentals throughout the UK. Rent privately on all UK caravan sites with ease and book online with safety. You can advertise your caravan for free or search for caravan holidays across the UK.

Book and host with safety - we pre-authorise all booking requests and hold host payouts till the host has provided the stay, this ensures complete safety for both parties.

Visitor fulfilment 

We need to ensure you have an extraordinary vacation, that is the reason all owners of private caravans on our site have been reviewed and confirmed to prevent any issues occurring with your booking. 

Sleek and simple 

Our easy to understand site interfaces guests with convenience they need to be able to search select and request to book without any problem. We are extremely proud of our sites simplistic but effective layout. 

Value Proposition 

We know ourselves using private caravan rentals creates the best value in the market for our guests by offering more that any other site can offer as we are giving you direct access to owners who love and look after there caravan and have now extended their valuable property on to you privately. 

Huge Selection

Our site is the fastest growing caravan marketplace in the UK and we are extremely active in sourcing more and more premier private caravans rentals for our valued guests.

Intended for you 

Customer focus and user friendliness is key and we understand the sites are taking advantage of owners and guest thats why our site is free to list and have no hidden fees, percentages or extras like other site. We simplify it with a an price per night metric and a set service charge, which is the lowest in the industry and does not change no matter how big or little the price of the booking.


The aim is simple create a user friendly marketplace that makes it as simple as possible for holiday makers to get in touch and book with private caravan owners. From the layout of our marketplace, to the features within our owners admin area, we are always focused on providing an effective service to both owners and guests.


We have assembled a breakdown of inquiries and answers that we get asked all the time. If you are a owner who wishes to promote on our site or a visitor who needs to discover more information on how our marketplace functions you can ideally discover a solution to your inquiry below: 
On the off chance that your inquiry isn't covered please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email and we will get back to you ASAP - admin@private

Visitors to the website

Do we own any of the caravan that are advertised on the Private Caravan Rentals marketplace?  

Yes we do and have been very successful with our rental strategies, that  is one of the main reason we decided to share our success and help the greater caravan community capitalise on our knowledge. 

Does it cost me anything to advertise through this site? 

No, it costs absolutely nothing to advertise your caravan on our marketplace. The only time there is a charge is when we secure you a booking that's to cover processing fees and website maintenance, it's the smallest charge in the industry as customers and users come first to PCR. 

Would you be able to ensure my vacation will be great? 

As we don't won all the properties and any of the parks you may be staying on we can't ensure any part of a booking. At the point when you make an enquiry or booking demand it is passed straightforwardly to the property owner. doesn't take any further part in the booking procedure. It turns into a private issue among you and the property owner who is facilitating your stay. If it's not too much trouble see our Terms and Conditions for additional information. 

Do you offer private caravan holiday protection? 

We don't offer holiday protection. You would need to make contact independent holiday insurance company. 

Is the security deposit included in the booking price?

No, the booking deposit is additional and is to be organised between the owner and yourself if one is requested, alongside an additional fees mentioned in there listing for pet fees etc. 

Shouldn't something be said about pets/kids appointments, and so forth? 

Each property owner has their own letting inclinations, and its up their own preference and discretion after all it is their property.  In addition to a particular situation park rules should likewise be stuck to. In the event that you utilise our Advanced Search and include the options to coordinate your particular requests these host should be able to facilitate your pet/kids requirements.
Holiday home owners

Owners on the website

What does it cost to advertise my Private Caravan or Property?

Absolutely nothing. We are here to help grow and help as many caravan owners as possible as we have had enough of the site having a strangle hold on owners with there guarantee rentals and income which is not even close to being fair towards owners.

What information would I be able to put on my posting? 

You can put any important information you feel necessary to show your property of in its best light to potential renters, it's your property so it up to you. As an owner you will have 24/7 direct access to your own owners area where you are able to make instant updates to your listing(s) and booking calendar as often as you like. We generally find the more photos and concise information you place on the advert then the more enquiries and bookings it will generate.

How would I get an enquiry/booking from a client? 

All enquiries and booking demands involving your listing are sent directly to your email address that you registered with us. We likewise suggest putting notification on your emails from us so you don't miss any potential booking requests. 

When I accept a booking how long till I receive the payment?

If you accept the booking request within the 3 day time-frame, the payment will be taken from the guest immediately . You will receive the money directly to your bank account after you have delivered the stay to the guest on their booked dates. 

If you reject the request or don't accept it within this timeframe, the transaction will be automatically canceled, the guest will not be charged and you will not get paid.

Is the security deposit included in the booking price?

No, the booking deposit is additional and is to be organised between the guest and yourself if your have one noted a request on your listing, alongside an additional fees mentioned in your listing for pet fees etc.


What do the site provide for me for free? 

We pride ourselves on what we can offer everyone for free, you will get your own one of a kind site page, we you can post as many photos as your property/caravan as you would like the more photos the better trust us. Can select and add boundless descriptions and select from our check box what amenities and perks you property has to offer, also being able to communicate on the platform and where guest can leave messages on your listing, alongside being apart of our great community and being able to manage your booking calendar with the owners section. 

Will my property be advertised just on private caravan rentals?

No, your advert will have the potential to be featured in our weekly news letter as well as in our vast advertising campaigns, on google, yahoo, bing, yellow pages, facebook and so on as well as PCR being in many nation-wide editorials and publications.

Would I be able to pay for a feature over or be placed in a favourable postion in our park categories? 

We do not offer any paid or favourable positions as this is not inline with our goals it is randomised. We are here to help everyone and give everyone a free place to market and advertise their caravan with ease and speed, our aim to create a great community of owners and users who all want to enjoy their actions times, make a little money on the side and respect each others values and properties 

What occurs on the off chance that I need to continually renew/refresh/alter my listing? 

Don't hesitate to renew/refresh/alter your listing we actually encourage you to keep your photos of your listing up to date as physically possible.